Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Today's Cannabis Business Plan is Yesterday's Marijuana Conspiracy

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Marijuana Prohibition is a 
Big Government Program 

Life for Cannabis

Marijuana Prohibition is a Big Government Program

Decriminalizing marijuana is an act that has support on both sides of the political spectrum. 

Two Executive Actions that can save up to $42 Billion a year that could be spent on infrastructure and prevent over 500,000 arrests annually
I. Executive Actions

    A. Group or Category Clemency – Amnesty for all nonviolent
         federal marijuana inmates who have served 5 years for
         a marijuana only offense

            1. Model this initiative on Gerald Ford’s Clemency
                initiative for those who
                violated the Selective Service Act
            2. Grant commutations by creating a board within the White
                House modeled on Gerald Ford’s clemency of selective 
                service violators.

     B. Remove marijuana from the Controlled Substance Act’s
          schedule and regulate it like alcohol

II. Desired Objective
      A. De scheduling marijuana may save up to $42 Billion
           dollars a year in enforcement, prosecution and incarceration
      B. Make billions of dollars available annually for infrastructure

III. Rational

      A. Over 29 states and the District of Columbia have
           legalized cannabis to some degree

       B. Over 70% if the population believes that marijuana should
            not be criminalized

       C. This is an item that has bi-partisan support

IV. The cannabis business is growing exponentially.  Like all
       successful business enterprises it is based on the knowledge
       and experience of past entrepreneurs 

V.   It has become increasingly incongruous to have Cannabis
       business plans being implemented for a product that has
       given others a sentence of life without parole

VI. Challenges to overcome – Those who are financially 
       dependent on maintaining
       this administrative designation of marijuana
       A. Public Employees Unions for law enforcement, correction
            officers, etc.
       B. Businesses with vendor contracts for prisons and law
       C. Pharmaceutical companies
       D. Lobbyists for businesses and non-profits with government
            contracts for
            re-entry and recovery
       E. Lobbyists for alcohol and spirits

Regulating marijuana like alcohol will save up to
$ 42 billion that can be used to rebuild our aging infrastructure and prevent over 550,000 arrests annually.

Today’s Cannabis Business Plan

Yesterday’s Marijuana Conspiracy

The War on Drugs is a Big Government Program


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