Saturday, May 23, 2015

State Inmates

 Jeff Mizanskey received a commutation from Missouri Governor Nixon.  In Missouri, this means that he can now recieve parole from the Missouri Parole Board.  Let's hope they act with due speed.  Jeff Mizanskey has been on featured on the web site Life for Pot.  He is listed with some other nonviolent marijuana inmates who need commutations so they won't spent the rest of their lives in state prisons.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Former U.S. Pardon Attorney Blasts Process / Project

As we become more and more concerned about the success of Clemency Project 2014, I thought I'd share this video provided by PS Ruckman over at Pardon Power.

We are now into the 17th month after the launching of the promise of sentencing relief for the army of federal nonviolent citizens serving egregiously long sentences.  

Since I concern myself with those unfortunate offenders who  were charged with conspiracy for nonviolent marijuana offenses, hope rests with the discovery of mercy, compassion and justice within the Executive Branch.  

As I look at all nonviolent drug offenders with life sentences or defacto life - an obvious pattern begins to emerge.  These sentences are not given because of the nature of these offenders actions, but because of the prosecutors charging decisions.  It could not be a coincidence that these offenders were almost all charged with conspiracy - the easiest charge to prosecute with the slimmest amount of evidence and they all elected to exercise their 6th Amendment Right to Trial.

Had these two circumstances been part of their case, they would most certainly have been released long ago.